Los Angeles High School Class of 2001
Wecome to the all of the members of the L.A.H.S class of 2001 this is your website

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Wecome to the Los Angeles High School Class of 2001 Website. This is the website where the class of "01" will come to stay in touch with their friends. Don't let the end of high school let you say good bye to your friends. Tell all of your friends to come to the web-site so that you could stay in touch.

Attention all Romans of the class of 2001 send in pictures, notes, your e-mail addres or any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. If you have some information about The L.A.H.S Class of 2001 that you think I should know about then contact me at danielsvideo@aol.com and I will put it on the site.

The L.A.H.S. Class of 2001 Message Board Added May 2, 2002 I would like it if every one that comes to this website to tell me what you think about the site in the L.A.H.S. Class of 2001 Message Board.

The Forsaken Story Added July 8, 2001 On September 19, 2000, 6 students from Los Angeles High School when to see a movie after the movie was over they went to jack-in-the box and no one heard from them again until the next day at school. These are some pictures that was found.

Tapes For Sale Added July 7, 2001 Daniels Video Productions Has all video of the class of 2001 at Los Angeles High School on video tape know you can owen all of them for your self just E-mail danielsvideo@aol.com for information about any of the tapes listed below.

Photo Page Added July 6, 2001 Picture page send in your pictures of any kind to be put on the site to danielsvideo@aol.com.

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